Butter And Cheese are two things that share one thing in common (apart from the yellow coloring): they’re often ingredients in our favorite comfort foods. Because that’s what this website is about — comfort food, food hacks, food for entertainment and beverage ideas. 

That’s a lot of “food” in one paragraph, but what can we say? Food is life. We consider ourselves as purveyors of comfort food and culinary experiences.

What Butter And Cheese is All About

Food on Brown Board

Cheese on Brown Wooden Chopping Board

Our website is a lifestyle blog about food. In our online pages, you’ll find articles on comfort food, food hacks, food trends, ideas for parties and all things food. We focus on writing practical tips and guides for foodies and home cooks, as well as for aspiring restaurateurs. 

If you’re craving for a special meal but don’t have an idea on how to cook it, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll teach and we’ll make your stomach rumble at the same time.

Who We Are

Person Holding Wine Glass Near Clear Shot Glasses
Food on a table

Butter And Cheese is the food baby of three people who just LOVE good food. We have so many ideas on meals, snacks and beverages that we can’t help but pool our insights into one website. 

So enjoy all the food ideas — both basic and crazy — and plan your next comfort food binge with us.

Ginny Sanders

Ginny owns a small bakery called “The Sweet Touch,” which serves artisanal cookies and cupcakes in North Carolina. Her favorite creation is her Salted Caramel Pretzel cupcake, which has a delightful buttercream frosting topped with a big pretzel

Timothy Kent

Timothy is a student by night and a Taco Bell staff by day. This college student shares his passion for preparing tacos by making sure his creations are the best and that people are reading his food blogs concerning his job.

Francine Reardon

Francine is the proud owner of Café Rosa, a small café that specializes in comfort foods made fancy. Why settle for a basic burger when you can add truffle to the mix? Francine mixes and matches ingredients to come up with a better version of your favorite comfort foods.

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